The Advantages of Using a Travel Management Company


Why do so many businesses prefer to use the services of specialist Travel Management Companies? What do they bring to the table that you, or your team, can’t handle yourselves? 

Simplexity is one of London’s foremost boutique travel management companies based the in the heart of Mayfair. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and originate from all over the world. This means we can offer you the exclusive and knowledgeable attention your company needs.


Depth of knowledge and expertise

Professional Travel Managers don’t just come and go. They are hired, and retained, for their unique skills and breadth of knowledge. At Simplexity Travel, our team of International Travel Managers consider what we do to be a vocation, taking immense pride in the quality of our service. 

Experienced travel managers can ensure that you get the best available rates for everything from private jet hire to champagne receptions in your hotel. Crucially, they are well-versed not only in discovering hidden gems, or staying on top of interesting new attractions in the countries that they focus on, but they are also knowledgeable about difficulties that could be encountered, and adept at identifying and resolving problems before they start.



A travel management company should be versatile to the point that it can arrange a romantic getaway for a couple, a fun-filled dream family vacation, an adventure holiday for a solo traveller, or a professionally-organised business conference abroad for multiple delegates.


End-to-end service 

At Simplexity, our Travel Managers will often work with clients, or their PAs, for years. Consequently, they develop close relationships that can, at times, even amount to knowing what the client needs before they do. We offer a complete end-to end-service, beginning with learning your dates, group numbers, budget and the type of trip you’re interested in, whether it be skiing, safaris, idyllic beach holidays or spa retreats. We then take care of every single arrangement, right up to your taxi home from the airport. We can even arrange for a welcome home hamper to be waiting for you on arrival. Beyond giving us a brief and your approval to the plans, you can leave it all to us if you prefer.



Making travel arrangements can be complex, stressful and time-consuming, especially if they involve large groups. By handing over responsibility for your needs to a specialist company like Simplexity Travel Management, you then free yourself up to deal with other concerns, whether business or personal. When it comes to delegation of important tasks such as this though, you need to be sure you’re working with professionals. After all, you wouldn’t throw your best attire into the washing machine, you’d take it to a dry-cleaner, so why leave your travel plans with anyone but an expert?



Experienced travel management companies such as Simplexity make a point of developing partnerships with a broad range of reliable and prestigious providers, from world-class hotel chains such as Four Seasons and Hilton to premium airlines such as Etihad Airways. We can source preferential deals and exclusive offers for everything from private jets to our very own Simplexity box at both Wembley stadium and arena for any and every event. Our membership of the Virtuoso network makes our deals unbeatable


24-hour support

We all want to stay ahead of travel trends, find the next hot destination before it becomes mainstream. But as people choose more exotic and off-the-beaten track holidays in search of truly authentic experiences, they need to know that there is support available if they require it. Simplexity Travel Managers have in the past helped our clients deal with everything from lost passports to arranging emergency flights home following a natural disaster. Thankfully these are rare occurrences few and far between, but many of our clients find it reassuring to know that we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event that they need help while away. 

If you’d like to get in touch, we’d be happy to show you what a difference we can make.