The Arctic’s Best Family Oriented Experiences

Perched on top of the world, the Arctic is an icy sea into which countries from three different continents dip their extremities. With midnight sun or perpetual darkness depending on the season, timing is everything. A Leisure Travel Manager can make sure you hit the best spots at the best times.

1. Travel to Santa’s Hometown

Perfect for the family, Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the destination of millions of childhood wishes. Because of the cold and the lack of light, Christmas is not the best time to take the family.

We recommend heading into town for Autumn, to catch the famous Ruska, when the trees of Finland’s vast forest wildernesses turn red, sending streaks of vibrant colour through the stunning landscape.

Alternatively, visit in early Spring and make the most of Finland’s famous passion for skiing. Lapland’s Ruka resort is great for skiers of all ages and abilities, and boasts some very special log cabins.  

2. Norway

Norway is a famously progressive, liberal state, so we recommend experiencing the metropolitan areas. Oslo is a perfect mix of old and cutting edge. For a taste of the old, and a fun family outing, explore the historic Akershus Castle and the unique Norwegian Folk Museum, where you can learn about the history of the Nordic peoples.

For a taste of Norways famous cutting edge, Fauna is a top quality restaurant (gaining a Michelin Star within a year of being open) but in typical Scandinavian fashion, is refreshingly relaxed about fine dining etiquette. A perfect place to show the family a thing or two about fine food.

3. Alaska

Big and bold, Alaska is suited to families who love action. A true wilderness, how better to explore it than by plane. To make the most of this most northerly US state, take an air taxi over Denali National Park for life-changing views.

Down on the ground hiking is the best way to see nature at its most enchanting. At Redoubt Bay, expect to see grizzlies catching leaping salmon. For the family, our Leisure Travel Managers recommend the Crescent Lake trail. It is perfect for little legs, while delivering on wildlife in the form of bears and Alaska’s famous moose.

4. Northern Lights and Sledding in Greenland

Nothing says ‘Arctic adventure’ more than seeing the Northern Lights, tearing across the silent, snowy plateau of Greenland on a dog-pulled sled. The Aurora Borealis is one of the true natural wonders of the world, caused by solar flares interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field.

The huskies themselves are a marvel of nature too: able to average 20 miles per hour for hours at a time. The combination of heavenly lights above and the incredible creatures below is sure to be an unforgettable family experience.

5. Iceland’s Whales

Iceland has fast become a trendy location. For families with older children, it is the best place to celebrate the perennial sunshine of the Arctic summer. Check out the Secret Solstice music festival’s luxury Icelandic camping for a summer solstice to remember.

Also, take a look at the Reykjavik’s Borg Hotel, known for its exceptional service and elegant style. From there it’s a short trip to adventure. Whale watching is becoming a hallmark of an Iceland visit. On one outing, you can expect to see a boatful of wildlife: Minke and humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises. Perfect for young nature lovers.

This is just the tip of the Arctic iceberg. From the North Pole to Russian Siberia, the Arctic will always hold more frozen treasures. If you’d like to speak with one of our expert Leisure Travel Manager, get in touch at