Few of the UK population truly appreciate the size of North America. Yet when you consider that Texas alone is three times the size of the UK, and that there are 51 of these humongous states, it’s very easy to gain a quick appreciation of the vast nature of our Atlantic neighbours.


With its epic size it’s no surprise the US is home to some amazing road trips. Maybe you fancy travelling down the gloriously sunny Highway 1 in California? Or perhaps you would rather explore cross-country on Route 66? Maybe you’d like to experience the sights of the Atlantic coast, or do something really unique and drive across the ocean? America has a road for you no matter what you’re looking for.



Pacific Coast Highway – California

One of the most famed roads in the world, California’s Pacific Coast Highway begins in Monterey and ends at Morro Bay. The route takes five hours to complete, and is a montage of glorious sea views, luscious forest, perfect beaches and picturesque places to stop.


The highway ventures over famous bridges such as Bixby Creek Bridge and the Granite Canyon Bridge, winding through a wealth of places to stop such as Pfeiffer Beach, The Big Sur and McWay Falls. All of these make excellent picture breaks, and Pfeiffer Beach is an amazing place to take a break from the road and grab a slice of the relaxing beach life.


There are plenty of venues where you can grab a bite to eat along the way, including Sierra Mar; home to awe-inspiring views of the ocean and forest. Be sure to try the Ventana, a sublime restaurant on the coast.


This road truly is a pleasure for driver and passenger alike, and if an adventure filled with luxurious views and glorious weather is something that you desire, then California’s Pacific Coast Highway is the perfect route for you.



Route 66

Where would an American road trip guide be without the famous Route 66?


Beginning in Chicago and ending in California at Santa Monica Pier, Route 66 is one of America’s oldest and most famous roads.


The 2000 mile drive ventures through dusty, neon-sign glazed America. It is famous for quirky, red scenery and unique places to stop. Modern highways have made route 66 obsolete in terms of being an efficient roadway. The only people who use it tend to be road trippers, so it has managed to retain its heritage and resist modernisations.


There are a lot of attractions to see on the road, including some rather unusual stops that continue to attract travelers despite their bizarre nature. One is the unique Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma. It’s an unusual site that you’ve probably seen before, and its backstory is that a man in love built this huge blue whale for his wife on their anniversary.


Another unusual site in Texas is the Cadillac Ranch, where you can see a range of cars half buried into the ground with the exposed sections being heavily coated in colourful graffiti. Route 66 sure is the road trip for you if you revel in life’s weird and wonderful.


Route 66 cuts through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, so if any of these states are on your to visit list, a road trip along Route 66 could be perfect for you.


Atlantic Coast

So we’ve looked at the west coast and across country, but what road trips are best on the East? The Atlantic Coast drive is the answer, and is a breath-taking route that runs from New York City to the very tip of Florida.


The trail cuts through a wealth of cities including New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, spanning 2,000 miles, almost all of which come with a glorious view of the ocean.


Popular things to do along this trip including gambling in Atlantic City, a visit to the famous Daytona Beach and a stop off  to the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, to mention but a small fraction of the sights and wonders available along this route.


Another road worth mentioning if you’re venturing along this way is the Overseas Highway that stretches from Miami to Key West Florida. This really is a unique drive, as the entire road is suspended above the ocean. Driving any vehicle completely surrounded by stunningly blue waters truly is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t stop your trip at Miami, carry on!


Some of the most popular places to eat on this trip include the Pied A Terre in Miami, Georgia and Ducks Donuts in North Carolina.


With such a wealth of sites to see from Kennedy Space Centre to Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers first demonstrated aircraft travel, the Atlantic Coast really is an exceptional place to drive.


The Great Northern Route

The Great Northern Road trip covers America’s colder states; even cutting through Canada. The route will guide you through states such as Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


This is the ideal trip for anyone seeking to see a different side of America, as it covers such a vast variety of inspiring terrain. There are luscious green mountain ranges, a wealth of lakes and even graceful snow-blanketed mountain ranges, all of which will take your breath away.


Key stop-offs along the route include the Acadia National Park, Priest Lake in Idaho, Grand Coulee Dam in Washington to mention a small minority, and some of the most popular eating destinations along the route include MACS Macaroni and Cheese shop in Wisconsin and a glut of Lobster shacks in Maine including Five Islands Lobster Co.


Car Hire

For every road trip there is one vital thing that everyone must have covered, and that is car hire and insurance. It’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of cars in America are bigger than cars we are used to in the UK, so take extra care when choosing your vehicle’s size.


Some cars will come with basic insurance, but they won‘t cover things extra things such as tyre punctures, cracks in the wind-screen and other potential issues. So it’s worth investing in what is known as Top Up insurance when you’re still in the UK and take your documents with you. And remember, fully refuel your rented vehicle before returning it to the airport to avoid high petrol charges at the airport.


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