It doesn’t matter how comfortable they try to make business travel, does it?


After that red-eye flight you still always seem to arrive unrested, with a brain that feels as wrinkled as your suit looks. In your hotel your shower may wash some life back into you but, as you click open your case, you discover the suits you packed don’t look like they are going to revive as easily.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


What used to be a sartorial oxymoron — the wrinkle-free travel suit – is now a reality. The secret, it appears, is in the quality and the twist of the yarn: the more tightly you twist the fibre, the more it wants to go back to its original state.


Here are five of the best travel suits for men that will ensure you arrive at the next meeting with your suits in their original state, rather than just in a state.




    1. Paul Smith – A Suit To Travel In




travel suits


Max Whitlock, the medal-winning British Olympic gymnast, has put this suit through its paces by wearing it for a series of demanding moves. The suit, available as Slim, Soho or Mayfair, was left without a single crease. If it can handle that, your 2-hour flight to Germany should be a piece of cake!




    1. Crew Ludlow Traveler Wool Suit




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These suits are made from a specially woven three-ply wool from Italy’s renowned Lanificio di Tollegno mill. Each yarn is highly twisted to give it an elasticity that can resist crumpling and creasing. That means you can step off the plane with full Italian charm.




    1. Burberry Travel Tailoring Collection




travel suits


Burberry’s range of slim and modern fit suits are available in mohair or virgin English and Italian wool. The mohair is tough and durable, but breaths well and looks great with dark dyes, making it the perfect travelling suit material.




    1. Thresher & Glenny Jakarta Travel Suit




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This made-to-order suit uses a mix of mohair and wool that has been specially selected with the traveller in mind. Its half-lining contains more pockets than usual, including one with a zip for your passport. It’s the little touches that make you love a suit.




    1. Canali Microstructure Travel Suit




travel suits


Harrods advise that all you need do is add a white shirt and brogues to be good to go on your next business trip. This stylish travel suit offers a subtle weave texture, notch lapels and a double button closure.



With your best travel suit chosen and folded neatly in your suitcase, let our Travel Managers help make your life even easier by taking care of all the arrangements for your next business trip.


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