Whether lounging by the pool, chilling at the beach or simply sunning in the garden or up on the roof, a cool beach towel is an essential part of your summer look.


After all, it’s no good uploading those holiday snaps to Instagram without the right accessories to support your crafted, nonchalant pose, is it?


Here is our selection of the coolest beach towels out there so you can look the part in the sun. Make sure to tag them and say ‘thank you’ in your holiday grams!


Sun of a Beach


With towels as promising as their name, Sun of a Beach keep studied style and elegant designs to the fore. Each towel will inspire memories of those carefree summer days and those moments of blissful, sun-kissed happiness.


Beach Towels


Maslin (Zebra Hide Beach Towel)


Now these are really cool. What you have is a beach towel that is shaped like a zebra’s hide and decorated with stunning zebra stripes. The best bit is that it neatly folds itself up into a little clutch bag that can be carried or worn across the body. (No zebra harmed in the making of this towel!)


Beach Towels


Vagabond Beach


Offering further proof that rectangular towels are just so square, these round towels come with striking designs that range from magic mandalas to bohemian octopi.


Beach Towels





Vibrant colours and strident designs make these towels sure to standout, however busy the beach is. The towels are solid colour cotton terry velour with jacquard borders but it’s the colourful designs that brought them to our attention.


Beach Towels



Neil Barrett


This men’s beach towel sheds all the frippery and colour in favour of a sophisticated monochromatic look with a very real touch of class.


Beach Towels



Emilio Pucci


Admittedly, more a fashion statement than a beach accessory, this cotton towel comes in a yellow and orange version of Pucci’s Capri print. Perfect for an Italian holiday.


Beach Towels



So, where will you be laying your beach towel down?


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