Using a travel management company gives your trip, holiday or event that added touch of luxury and organisational ease. But do you know what services a great travel management company can offer? Aside from travelling in style, a travel management company (TMC) will look out for any unexpected bumps in the road of your itinerary and suggest solutions. Through the Virtuoso network, Simplexity Travel Managers have close relationships with the best hotels that can accommodate large groups in need of premium accommodation.


But they’re also so much more. Discover the exquisite potential of a TMC like Simplexity.


Golf escapes


Whether it’s to strike up a deal with a potential client or to reward a team after a successful year, a golfing escape is a great option for making a corporate event memorable and fun.


With exclusive access to some of the golfing world’s most prestigious clubs and courses, Simplexity can secure the very best in accommodation at excellent rates, allowing your team or client to enjoy a truly luxurious golfing experience. As avid fans of golf ourselves, Simplexity can relate, understand and suggest options throughout your trip, from touchdown to tee off.




Maybe you’re a touring musician, a travelling theatre company or perhaps a film crew.


Whatever your industry may be, a Simplexity Travel Manager can take care of everything for you. No matter the size of the entourage, the amount of equipment or luggage they bring or the locations you’re headed, we can and will cater to your entire group’s requirements.


If your film crew need sets sent to Easter Island, we can do it. If your orchestra need to be flown along with their instruments to the Outer Hebrides, we will do it.


We at Simplexity understand the importance of safety and security for VIP clients and valuable luggage, so you can rest assured that both you and your belongings are in excellent hands.




Our Travel Managers have extensive experience in sports travel management. As the preferred travel suppliers of Norwich City Football Club, we pride ourselves on catering to the specific needs of sportspersons. Seeing to the requirements of just one sporting professional is challenge enough but when it comes to a whole team along with their locker-room staff, physiotherapist, managers, equipment and kit, it can seem like an impossible logistics problem. Not for Simplexity Travel Managers. Remember, ‘Simplexity’ means to make the most Complex travel plans Simple.


Not only will our travel managers ensure a swift and seamless journey along your itinerary, but we’ll also take care of your precious luggage.


Connected travel/Multi-travel


Going on a big business trip can be a logistical nightmare. Going from one city, then trying to find transport to get you to the airport and then on to another city. Planning a business trip with multiple layovers on a tight schedule can be tough. Just ask your PA. But our Travel Managers are experienced in handling the most difficult of itineraries. A Travel Manager will take care of everything, from picking you up from home to take you to the airport, to accommodation and the vital task of transport to and from your important business meetings. No matter if it’s across counties, countries or continents, we will get you to where you need to be in comfort and style.




Small and medium-sized enterprises are often busy, bustling places of work with each team member designated their own tasks and immersed in them, so it can be difficult to find the time and persons to organise the logistics of a CEO’s business trip or team holiday.


At Simplexity, our travel managers will take the pressure and time off your company and will use their expert knowledge to organise, plan and book flights, board meeting rooms, hotels, luggage transport, flight connections and so much more.


Our Travel Managers not only free up time for you and your business, but also have access to exclusive rates through Simplexity’s network of industry operators for hospitality and business travel from beginning to end.




If you’re looking for something with a ‘wow!’ factor, then look no further than one of our events. For avid football fans, our events travel managers can get you your own private booth at Wembley stadium. Experience some of the most nail-biting matches in VIP comfort of the private booth.


But if you want live music or comedy, then take advantage of our premium hospitality or VIP Lounge package, offering you fabulous perks like champagne, luxury padded seats and a range of culinary delights.


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