The Most Remote Holiday Destinations in the World

Here at Simplexity, our Leisure Travel Managers pride ourselves in knowing the world inside out. This means that when it comes to travel, our clients have the globe in their hands. While popular destinations like Spain, the Caribbean and USA remain so, exciting, adventurous and remote holiday destinations are becoming increasingly more popular.

Our distinguished travellers understand the importance of an authentic experience, and our Travel Managers are regularly asked how to achieve true authenticity. The answer is to visit some of the most remote places on planet Earth. Here are just five.

1. Antarctica

As long as you are unafraid of the cold, Antarctica makes for a fantastic destination. Not only is it one of the last truly wild places on the planet – free (almost) from human intervention, the South Pole attracts a mere 46,000 visitors a year from around the world.

Located around 11,000 miles from the UK, the journey to Antarctica is part of the fun. Allow Mark Smith, Travel Manager, to book your flight with a stop at Chile or Argentina. In Chile, we will arrange your stay at the astonishing Park Plaza Hotel in Santiago, while in Buenos Ares, Argentina, we will arrange your stay at the Legado Mitigo. Both are exclusive, luxurious hotels that will help you to unwind before your incredible Antarctic journey amongst the penguins.

2. Skiary, Scotland

Described as ‘Scotland’s Wildest Guesthouse’, this remote, traditional stone cottage might not offer five star luxury, but what it lacks in butlers and chauffeurs, it provides in terms of beautiful, untamed landscapes.

Only accessible by foot or boat from Fort William or Inverness, allow our Leisure Travel Managers to arrange your boat to get you to this special spot as effortlessly as possible. With no distractions, you will be free to enjoy the company of your friends and family.

3. Cape York Peninsula, Queensland Australia

Australia is an extremely popular destination with our clients, with our Travel Managers organising bespoke luxury trips to cities like Perth, Melbourne and Sidney attracting those seeking fine dining, glorious views and fantastic service.

For an Australian holiday experience that is more off the beaten track, our Leisure Travel Managers will fly you out to Cape York Peninsula. Known as ‘The Tip’, this scenic wilderness is the largest unspoilt area in northern Australia. As a truly ‘off-road’ experience, our Travel Managers will arrange your specialist 4WD vehicle to get you round with ease, and will also book your local, expert tour guide, who will show you the most picturesque spots in the region.

4. Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

It takes an hour to fly to this Mongolian wonder. We will organise your private plane from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, to Dalanzadgad on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Next, you will travel to the Three Camel Lodge in a sturdy Land Rover, off-road one-and-a-half-hours later.

Made up of twenty ‘gers’, or tents, you will be situated right in the middle of the Gobi Desert, under the clear red desert sky without the complex trappings of modern life to detract from the incredible views.

In addition, you will be surprised by the high levels of luxury inside the lodges, with comfortable beds, indoor plumbing and more. You will never have camped like this before. 

5. Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

For a destination that combines high style and arctic remoteness, visit Fogo Island Inn. A real feat of architecture, this sustainably-designed luxury hotel in the middle of Fargo Island is unlike any other destination, and our Leisure Travel Managers will arrange your flight from the small town of Gander. You will then take a Farewell ferry to Fogo Island from Gander Bay.

rrive at the Fogo Island Inn, it will be hard to believe your own eyes. From the building itself – stark white, and designed in the Brutalist tradition – to the culture and atmosphere surrounding it, which is distinctly artistic, friendly and open. Everything in this winter wonderland has a fairy tale-like character, and it should not be missed.

Our Travel Managers have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the world’s most remote travel destinations. If you would like to speak with one of our Travel Managers, phone us on 0203 535 9290, or you can email us on