The US has more than its fair share of natural wonders. Some are iconic and famous, whereas others might surprise even some Americans. From stunning beauty to scientific intrigue, here are the seven natural wonders of the United States of America.


1. Barringer Crater

The Barringer Crater is a stunning, abrupt, 170m deep hole in the Arizona desert floor. At 1.2km across, this huge crater worthy of note both as an incredible act of nature and a scientific point of interest.


After miles of flat desert, coming to the lip of this 50,000 year old crater is an incredible experience of nature’s extreme destructive forces. But the story behind the crater would impress any science fan. It was critical in establishing the theory that meteorites collide with the Earth, with the result being huge impact craters.


2. Niagara Falls


These world-famous waterfalls at the border between New York state and Canada’s Ontario province are among the most beautiful in the world. Actually made up of three separate falls, Niagara is a very popular tourist destination.


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3. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most striking landmarks. Up to 18 miles wide, 800 meters deep and running for 277 miles, this is a canyon on an awe-striking scale.


Also in Arizona, the Grand Canyon has been inhabited by the native Pueblo people for thousands of years. It is thought to have been made by glacial forces from the ice ages past, as well as erosion and continental drift.


4. Redwood National Park

On California’s Pacific Coast is Redwood National Park, home to the legendary redwood forest. Here are the largest trees on Earth. The coast redwoods grow up to 115 meters tall.


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5. The Big Sur

The Big Sur is a famous stretch of coastal land in Southern California. Lying South of Monterey. Its rugged, untouched beauty, mixed with the unique ambience of the vast Pacific make it a truly special place.


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6. Mammoth Cave

Compared to the other natural wonders on this list, Mammoth Cave is relatively unknown, but it is an incredible place to visit, and just as breath-taking as the others.


This vast subterranean cave is actually a cave system with many caverns and surprises. The largest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave lies in Kentucky, between Louisville and Nashville. It is now surrounded by its own national park.


7. Old Faithful

One of America’s most endearing natural wonders, Old Faithful is a famous geyser, notable for its remarkable regularity. It is a star attraction of the great Yellowstone National Park.


Like the Barringer Crater, Old Faithful has historic as well as scientific appeal. Famous explorer N. P. Langford called it the “perfect geyser”, and was even used to wash clothes, which were stuffed dirty into the aperture before being blasted out clean minutes later on a jet of boiling water.


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