February 14th, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Instead of trying to organise something last minute, why not book you and your loved one an unforgettable experience.


Simplexity Travel Managers are the experts that can orchestrate the perfect romantic getaway from beginning to end, leaving you free to enjoy your trip.


Wine voyages



For a Valentine’s with a difference why not go on a luxurious yachting excursion?


A cruise with SeaDream Yacht Club is a unique and personalised experience. Sail away on a wine voyage onboard luxury yachts combined with shore excursions that allow guests to try the varied foods, wines and cultures of the Mediterranean. As well as exclusive wine tastings, you’ll also enjoy a special Winemaker’s Dinner. Imagine drinking fine wine aboard a yacht looking at the Mediterranean Sea in the company of your special someone.


Catamaran Cuban Cruise



Explore the azure blue beauty of the Caribbean Sea along the Cuban coast.


Discover this vibrant country and its islands from on board one of the largest catamaran’s in the area. SeaFairer’s crew expertly guide you around exclusive islands dotted with beautiful beaches. Sea swimming and snorkelling let you really escape from it all as the carefully crafted itinerary showcases some of the most beautiful of Cuba’s islands. Nothing says love quite like a Caribbean blue sea escape.


Nautical Norway



Take an exhilarating chartered yacht around Norway’s west coast and the Norwegian Fjords with Norway Yacht Charter Guide. Explore the distinctive Norwegian coastline from Tananger and Stavanger, south of Bergen all the way up to Trondheim. Let the mountainous scenery rejuvenate you as you explore the Fjords from on board a yacht. Choose from either hiring a yacht or try a skipper whose knowledge will enhance your experience. You and your partner can follow in the footsteps of Vikings and marvel at the snow-capped mountains above the rustic, unspoilt fishing communities. The crisp Nordic air makes for the perfect excuse to cosy up as you take in some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.


English Riviera



Take to the seas off the coast of the English Riviera for a different Valentine’s Day experience. Featuring the 22 miles of coastline, 16 square miles of open sea and Tor Bay, the English Riviera is one of the best destinations for maritime activities in the UK.


Several Plain Sailing Charter trips give visitors the chance to explore secret coves and local wildlife. For the very lucky, you may spot some dolphins or seals that frequent the area.


As well as sailing, there is a multitude of onshore activities to make it a trip to remember.  Visit the maritime museums or allow your Simplexity Travel Manager to book in to one of the fine dining restaurants, a perfect finale to a special time together.


Contact us today on 0203 535 9290 to make sure that every aspect of your special Valentine’s day yacht experience is 100 per cent perfection. As a member of the Virtuoso Travel Network, we have access to an unprecedented range of partners that will enable you to travel like never before.