The World’s Most Desirable Suitcases 

Choosing to travel with Simplexity means choosing to travel in comfort and luxury. Our Leisure Travel Managers are always working to improve the journey of our clients, from scouting out new and exciting destinations, to keeping an eye on the newest trends and technologies. This week, she has been looking at the best suitcases you should take on your travels.

1. Carry-On – Briggs and Riley, Baseline U121 CXW

Hand-luggage allowance varies dramatically from airline to airline. BA are one of the more generous lines, and allow hand-luggage measuring 56x45x25cm, but be warned, some airline can offer as little as 42x32x25cm, so it is always worth checking before you fly. If you are unsure, you can always ask your Travel Manager, or you can also find all the major airline’s requirements here.

A carry-on is a bag designed to make the most of your hand-luggage quotient. It is the work-horse of your luggage collection, accompanying you on journeys long and short. As such, it needs to be durable, versatile and, above all, small enough to take into the cabin.

This little bag from Briggs and Riley is outstanding, and full of clever tech to really maximise the potential of your hand-luggage. Durability is ensured by its aluminium handle and robust two-wheel pull system. The tough nylon exterior is treated for water repellence and is fitted with ergonomic, self-repairing zips.

The capacity of the 45-litre case is increased by 34% with genius CX technology, which effectively enables you to compress the fully-packed bag back down to its cabin-friendly size. A built-in suit carrier ensures you will look smart when you arrive, and the SpeedThru external pocket helps you to quickly store all those things you can’t take through the X-Ray.

2. Long-Stay – Samsonite, Cosmolite 86cm

At Simplexity, we make sure you have everything you could ever need when you take a long, leisure holiday. But if you want to take along some favourites from home, you should be sure you have enough room for everything – and that it will all arrive safely.

Unlike a carry-on, a large suitcase does not need special compartments and gadgets: you just want it to be large, strong and easy to manoeuvre when you land. The 86cm tall Cosmolite from Samsonite gives 144 litres of luggage inside Samsonite’s famously sturdy trademark Curv exterior shell.

There is a TSA combination lock, plus protected zippers for security and four 360° wheels for mobility. Impressively, this great suitcase comes with 10-year’s warranty.

3. Easy to Spot – Ted Baker

Our Leisure Travel Managers love to help you with all parts of your trip – even finding your baggage in baggage claim. Among the dozens of identical suitcases, sometimes it is worth standing out from the crowd a little.

Ted Baker’s new range of suitcases does just that, with Ted’s instantly recognisable prints on your case, you will never have to worry that you have missed your case ever again. These idiosyncratic floral designs makes claiming your baggage easier than ever. They are made to Ted Baker’s exacting standards, and come with a 5 year warranty.

4. Total Luxury – Louis Vuitton

To travel in the ultimate style, it has to be a Louis Vuitton luggage set. These legendry matching luggage sets have made a huge mark on pop culture and are now inseparably associated with luxury, style and success. Anyone seeing these cases will instantly know their owner has great taste.

Catch Louis Vuitton’s renowned suit cases sitting with Audrey Hepburn in 1957’s Love in the Afternoon, on-board James Cameron’s Titanic or cast as the symbol of the past that Cate Blanchett simply cannot let go of in Blue Jasmine.

These precious objects are often more highly valued that whatever they might contain – and are certain to help you make an entrance. Instantly identifiable and available in all of the brand’s signature prints, the most identifiable set has to be the classic brown LV monogram pattern.

If you are thinking of splashing out on a new suitcase, and want extra peace of mind, you should consider Tiling your luggage with the Tile app. It tracks your property so you can locate it with your phone, anywhere in the world.

To make sure your good experiences continue long after packing the suitcases, speak to our Leisure Travel Managerstoday. They can find the perfect destination for you and your family. And if you would rather someone else handled the luggage, we can of course take care of that for you as well. Contact us today by calling on 0203 535 9290, or by emailing on