Many people today chose to go solo when it comes to their holidays. For some it’s because they are single, others are due to unwilling or unable partners. Travelling alone, if new to you, can be daunting at first but it could be one of the greatest adventures of your life. Solo holidays need not be back packing around Europe and roughing it in hostels. Your holiday can be a truly premium experience that’ll you’ll remember for many years to come.


Here is our Simplexity Travel Manager guide to travelling alone.


Travel management

Get in touch with a Simplexity Travel Manager to discuss the specifics of what you want from your holiday, where you’d like to go and what activities you enjoy. Talking to a Simplexity Travel Manager is a great way to avoid pitfalls you may not see yourself. As well as helping tailor your itinerary they are a font of knowledge for various packages and deals on offer that could really enhance your experience. As a Virtuoso partner Simplexity is at the core of the premium luxury travel network, allowing you access to exclusive bespoke experiences.


Hand-picked destinations and activities


    1. Ancient world

Delve into the sands of time and take in the beauty of the ancient world. Explore the ruins of the treasury of Jordan’s Petra via a camelback ride, and stay at the luxury Tetra Tree Hotel, located in Wadi Musa’s city centre, just a 5-minute drive from Petra’s main gate.

Go on a trek to Machu Picchu, Peru’s Incan citadel high in the Andes Mountains and feel like a modern-day Indiana Jones, but with the benefit of comfort provided by The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. Belmond Lodge is the only hotel situated next to Machu Picchu so this –along with its five-star rating – make it even more attractive.

Tread in the footsteps of the Romans as you walk through the preserved streets of Italy’s Pompeii with a stay at a five-star hotel in the nearby Amalfi Coast. The elegant Santa Caterina is a stunning 19th century residence turned into a luxury 5-star hotel is the perfect place to spend your down time during your adventures on the Italian coast.


    1. Cruising


A cruise ship is a safe and secure environment to meet people and make new friends.

Take to the seas with a holiday cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. NCL offers solo passengers a wonderful experience of South America. Embark on the Norwegian Sun ship at Argentina’s Buenos Aires and set sail for a 14-day westbound trip around the coast of South America. Take in the breath-taking glaciers as you pass the Beagle Channel, Strait of Magellan, Chilean Fjords and Patagonic Channels. Witness the “March of the penguins” in the Falkland Islands where thousands of penguins come annually to breed.

Onboard entertainment boasts the Sun Club Casino, 12 bars and lounges, and an impressive 14 dining options. These leisure activities are the perfect way to while away your time between ports.


If you’ve a passion for sea life, then a Scandinavian P&O Cruise could be the perfect choice. Take in the natural beauty of the Icelandic fjords and even some whale watching. A variety of these majestic marine mammals can be spotted in Akureyri, including the Blue, Minke, Fin and Humpback Whale. Excursions to city of Akureyri allow passengers to set foot on land and soak in some local Icelandic culture too.


    1. Tuscany wine tasting


Why not go to the heart of some of Italy’s most famous wines and sample different types of vino from the region. From Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino to Montepulciano, these world-renowned wines will taste even better when drunk in their region of origin. Tours and drivers can be organised to take you to and from the vineyards and wine cellars.


If all the fine wine gets too much, you can revive in style at the Borgo Santo Pietro Villa. This five-star hotel is Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice 2016 winner and is steeped in decadent Italian luxury, complete with a Michelin starred Meo Modo restaurant.


Be safe

As with any travel being respectful and polite are the basics. If travelling outside of Europe and North America, dress conservatory and be aware of local no-go areas in your destination. Try and gain a basic knowledge of local religious customs and etiquette to avoid offence.

Simplexity Travel Management always keep your interests, satisfaction and safety front of mind. We will help protect you in the event of cancellations, natural disasters and any other unfortunate circumstances. Always at the end of the phone, Simplexity Travel Managers will ensure you have a safe and pleasant trip.


To find out more about how Simplexity Travel can help you to have the trip of a lifetime, please contact a Simplexity Travel Manager today.