What to Look for When Booking Your Next Tour


Booking a music or theatre tour is big business: where to play, how to get there and transporting equipment can seem like an epic feat. Lots of what appears to be finer details are actual essentials to the tour’s success.

Along with the travel plans you need to organise accommodation for all performers as well as catering. Getting people and equipment when and where it needs to be can be tricky and a whole world of unforeseen trials and tribulations can pop up when you really can do without them.

Simplexity Travel Management is beyond experienced when it comes to undertaking large scale travel, accommodation and catering plans.  We know the entertainment business well and are fluent in coming up with ingenious travel, transport and accommodation solutions. 

From a symphony orchestra to a festive pantomime, Simplexity will spearhead the planning down to the finest detail and make sure everything goes smoothly, leaving you to enjoy your performance.


Huge network of partners

Simplexity Travel Managers have a treasure trove of partners from across the globe to choose from when creating bespoke travel solutions. Whether it’s for private or corporate travel, we have access to the perfect companies who can take you where you need to be, and in style.

Our longstanding working relationships with some of the world’s premier airlines allows you options in air travel that are not available to others.

From American Airlines through to SAS, our global network of airline partners gives you a head start on your tour.

With your flights taken care of you’ll need to think about accommodation. As a Virtuoso partner, we can personally recommend a hotel no matter where you are, across all 7 continents. 

Perhaps your theatre troupe need a boutique hotel in the west of Scotland or you’re a rock band touring Australia and need a 5-star luxury hotel, we will know just the place to suit you and your requirements.


Market-beating buying power  

We at Simplexity know the importance of getting more bang for your buck. And with Simplexity’s unrivalled book of contacts we can ensure you get the very best deals from some of the world’s best airlines, luxury hotels and private car hire firms. 

With our enviable partners, we can often offer you great savings, discounts and even upgrades at no extra cost to you.


Experienced in music transport logistics

Transporting precious yet often heavy musical instruments can try the patience of a saint. From electric guitars and large scale amps through to grand pianos and cellos, Simplexity has a wealth of experience in getting instruments where they need to be and on time.

We know how important instruments are to performers, often for sentimental reasons as well as practical playing reasons. It’s because of this that we pride ourselves on our security efforts to safeguard important cargo as well as people.


Always on call – 24/7 – for any emergency, cancellation etc.

A Simplexity Travel Manager is there for you, on call, 24/7. Any issues or concerns you may have, from minor to major, just pick up the phone and speak to your specially designated Travel Manager.

If disaster does strike, the Travel Manager will have a solution to get around any issue. Your flight gets cancelled and you need to be in the next tour stop as soon as possible? Not a problem. 

The Travel Manager will suggest and implement alternative routes, airlines and even modes of transport to get you and your entourage where you need to be.


Experienced in managing talent, crew and equipment – 365-degrees service

From VIP travellers to luxury holidaymakers, Simplexity has seen to them all.

We don’t shy away from big numbers, in fact we thrive on them. 

So, no matter how big your theatre troupe, entourage, team or crew, we will transport, accommodate and cater to their needs from point A all the way through to point B and back, if need be.


Enquire today!

Planning an itinerary, sorting out the logistics of equipment, the transportation and accommodation of people are just some of the things you need to organise when booking a tour.

Let Simplexity Travel Managers take your tour into their expert hands and plan everything from the minute details of what to have for lunch to big plans such as a private performance and after party for the final tour date.

To get plans for your next tour off the ground speak to a Travel Manager today:

Call us on 0203 535 9290 or contact us at corporate@simplexitytravel.com.