It is the job of our Luxury Travel Managers to search out the finest luxury experiences for our clients. The taste of a good whisky is one of life’s great joys – if you can find it.


Here, our Our Luxury Travel Managers, share their expert knowledge of the world’s best whisky-tasting destinations; because, as Mark Twain said, too much good whisky is barely enough.


1. The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, Edinburgh


Scotland is the home of whisky. The pure water and quality grains the drink requires are both found in abundance in Scotland, from Campbelltown to Speyside.

So where else to have the definitive whisky experience but in the Scottish capital? In the heart of the historic, beautiful Edinburgh Old Town, the Platinum Tour at the Scotch Whisky Experience is a day of tasting you will not forget.


A professional whisky expert will curate your tasting experience, leading you through a history of whisky in Scotland punctuated by choice local malts. You will be shown around the world’s largest Scotch whisky collection as you learn about distillation, cask aging and how to properly enjoy Scotland’s most famous export.


From the nosing, through the tasting and then down to the last drop, you will be guided through two distinct malts, each throwing light upon the other in their contrast. Your story will end with a rare taste of a vintage bottle from the collection’s vast cellar.


We can book you into the historic Baron Suite at the famous Scotsman Hotel if you want to continue your evening with the hotel’s legendary whisky list.


2. Sullivan’s Cove, Tasmania


If you are a seasoned whisky aficionado, you want your whisky experience to be all about the taste of great whisky. Your visit to the Sullivan’s Cove brewery on Tasmania’s South-East coast leaves aside the history and sideshow to focus entirely on what matters – the dram itself.


Tasmania may seem like a long way to go for a nip of whisky, but Sullivan’s Cove is something special. Isolated from commercial industry, the small distillery does things the old fashioned way, allowing months for diluting and allowing the whisky to settle.


The island’s cool climate, quality grains and unpolluted rivers provide the perfect climate to produce world class whisky: conditions which owner Patrick Maguire hasn’t let go to waste.


With a trophy cabinet to die for, last year Patrick won the World Whisky Award for Best Single Malt. His last three bottles from the cask are now worth over 20,000 dollars each.


Let us arrange your tasting trip to Tasmania and we will also book you a table with Masaaki Koyama to try his world famous sushi restaurant. It has such a big reputation, it needs no website, but find an interview with the king of sushi here.


3. Tokyo


For those eager to explore the world’s greatest whiskies on their own, visiting Tokyo is a must. A thriving scene of whisky connoisseurship exists in the world’s most populous city and exploring it is a worthy addition to any trip to Japan.


Check in to the Park Hotel’s Park Suite to start your whisky adventure.  As well as offering stunning views and complete luxury, the Park Hotel will be both your base and the first stop on your whisky tour of the city. The Society is Japan’s first Scotch Malt Whisky Society bar in Japan. Its lofty 25th-story location will give you view over the next stops on your adventure.


Next head to Zeotype, which stocks over 300 types of Japanese Whisky, including malts from the award-winning Yamazaki distillery. This characterful bar also screens silent movies on an ancient projector. Have a dram while you laugh at Chaplin’s finest moments.


At the HQ of Nikka, one of Japan’s biggest whisky producers, you’ll find a vast range of hard to obtain casks from the last 50 years. If you like what you taste, we can book you bullet train tickets to their Miyagikyo distillery where you can learn about how the area’s rich, peaty earth gives the water – and the whisky- the unique taste you find in all their deliciously mild malts.


No matter what your poison, our Luxury Travel Managers will make sure both that you find only the best and that you will arrive in the perfect state and surroundings to enjoy it. So contact one of our Luxury Travel Managers today on 0203 535 9290, or by emailing us at