Are you with the band? Or maybe you are the band? If you’re a gyrating rockstar or a chart-smashing popstar, a gravity-defying theatre troupe or a symphony-playing orchestra, Simplexity can help you. Our talent lies in complex travel arrangements. We can battle against any logistical adversity to ensure you take the stage, with the correct instrument, on time.


Touring can be tiring enough without the added strain of negotiating customs, booking hotels and plotting routes. Let us shoulder that burden so you can stay sane, well rested and focused on your craft.


We strive to make your travel arrangements as harmonious as possible, whether you’re hurtling in a bus from Wisconsin to Houston or jetting in a plane from Paris to Shanghai. Everything we do is nerdily efficient, so your performance can be loose, relaxed and rock and roll.


1. Taking care of your team

Heading out on a tour is physically and mentally exhausting. At Simplexity we understand that. With a seamless itinerary, a doctor in each country on speed dial, good food and luxurious accommodation we can help to make the experience manageable for everyone – from the star of the show to the frazzled PA.


2. Taking care of the equipment

Missing amp? Saxophone stuck in customs? Damaged bass? Not on our watch. We personally oversee all the transportation of your equipment, so your stage will be exactly as you expect to find it.


3. Catering…but better

Forget soggy ham sandwiches and sad-looking vol-au-vents, we organise tip-top food with laser precision. Hankering for a hamburger? No problem. Keen for something leafy and fresh? We’ve got you covered. Vegan, gluten intolerant, shellfish allergy? Relax. We can cater to the dietary requirements of your whole team with nutritious and delicious, Instagram-worthy food.


4. Luxe partners all over the world

Our affiliation with leading hotels, security services and airlines entitles you to the best deals and premium service – no matter where you are in the world. We are partnered with Singapore Airlines, Virgin America and Air Canada to name but a few.


Our relationship with Virtuoso Travel opens the door to high-octane luxury in hotels like Four Seasons, Shangri La and Mandarin Oriental. Check out our full list of partners.


5. 24/7 service

The show must go on, right? So, no matter where you are and no matter what’s gone wrong, call us. We’ll smooth everything out in an instant.


Talk to one of our dedicated travel managers on 0203 535 9290 or email us at