Every sports team knows what travelling as a group is like. There are often long coach trips, large flight bookings and mass accommodation to sort.

All the planning of getting your team from A to B and even to C can be a real battle, worthy of military precision planning.

Whether you’re a county cricket team or a premier league football club, trusting Simplexity with your sports travel is one of the safest bets you’ll make this year.


From individuals to large teams

We have extensive experience of working with some of the biggest teams in the UK, one of them being Norwich City Football Club. As the Canaries’ official travel management company, we know the importance of getting a sports team where they need to be.

And it’s not just the actual players we look after either. Along with a whole squad we ensure the locker staff, senior managers and whoever else is needed is transported and accommodated.

So why trust Simplexity with your team? Well, quite simply, we can and will do it all.

Whether you have difficult match dates across the country making logistics harder than usual, or you have players with specific dietary requirements – we can handle it.


Thriving on challenges

In fact, we thrive on such challenges. We can organise taxis for individual players from their homes to the airport, hotel accommodation near to the stadium, and ensure there is suitable gym equipment available.

Aside from players, other precious cargo such as uniforms and sports equipment will be well looked after under our care, ensuring the best security is in place to prevent theft. And security doesn’t stop there – for the VIP team members and managers we can offer additional security, giving you peace of mind.

In the world of travel, Simplexity has a certain amount of clout when it comes to hotels and airlines. We can often get great deals and savings along with several flight options to suit your itinerary and match dates and times.

With a Simplexity Travel Manager taking care of your team’s travel and accommodation, you can focus on the game and going after the win.


Call us today on 0203 535 9290 or email info@simplexitytravel.com.