According to research from UKIE, there are currently 2,088 games companies based in the UK alone. At Simplexity we are travel partner of technology companies in the UK and abroad.


As specialist travel and itinerary providers to this valuable industry, we know that an effective travel management solution can be a great way for games developers, publishers and others surrounding the industry to focus on what they do best: making games.


Focus on shipping, not on booking travel

As all games developers know – indeed, anyone in production knows – making something (anything!) requires focus. While showing your product at the next big open expo might be important to the sales figures of your game, throughout the production process, you need all hands on deck to get shipped.


At Simplexity, you’ll be assigned a single point of contact. Your own Travel Manager who will take care of your requirements – whether that’s taking your creative and technical directors to their next conference and booking their accommodation for them, or shipping your dev kits half-way around the world for the next showcase – to ensure your team remain focused on the goal of shipping your product, rather than booking travel.


Wherever, whenever

Whether you are traveling to San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference or you need convenient travel and accommodation in London for the London Games Show, our Travel Managers offer a 365-degree travel experience. This means that whatever your requirement, we can offer a solution.

Better still, our team can be on hand 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency, so if you run into any last-minute planning issues, or an event is cancelled or moved, we will help find an alternative solution.


Insider knowledge

If you’re a PA or HR professional or simply somebody who has been tasked with arranging travel plans before, you know that it can be a difficult, time-consuming task – particularly if specific travel itineraries have been requested.

At Simplexity, we have the insider knowledge to maximise your travel budget without cutting quality. In fact, with our breadth of industry contacts across the world in leading hotels airlines alongside other travel and hospitality operators, we confidently believe we can deliver a travel experience without hitch or glitch; one that meets the expectations of your team and then some.


We know the expectations of your industry

We know what the lifecycle of a game looks like: from spec to full production, to the inevitable crunch and then launch. In the middle of all that, you need to get to conferences and expos to get the word out about your product so that you can meet your sales targets.

With this industry knowledge, we know what makes your people tick. We know what sorts of hotels you like, and where you like to spend your free time – and even how you like to celebrate after you’ve shipped your next game.

So let us take care of your travel plans: we’re confident we’ll get it right first time.


Speak to us instantly and directly on 0203 535 9290, or contact us online here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we see it.