According to a survey commissioned by the consumer group Which?, passengers travelling through Manchester face the longest average security queue waiting times of any large UK airport.

Average waiting times range from 17 minutes at its Terminal 1 to 15.5 minutes at Terminals 2 and 3. In the worst-case scenario one holidaymaker reported queuing for up to 90 minutes.
The consumer group said the airport appears to have downgraded its waiting time targets from getting 95% of passengers through security in less than eight minutes in 2017, to getting 92% through within 15 minutes today.

In comparison, passengers travelling through security at Heathrow Terminal 5 were held up by an average of 8.6 minutes.
Stansted and Luton also featured among the worst large airports for security queues, with average waiting times of 14 and 12 minutes respectively.

The small airport with the longest queuing times – and worst in the UK overall – was Belfast International, where passengers faced waiting times at security of 22 minutes on average. Southampton and London Southend were found to be best for passengers with average waiting times of just 5.2 minutes.