Air New Zealand is the latest airline to launch in flight Wi-Fi 


Air New Zealand has announced that they will be rolling out in-flight Wi-Fi to its aircrafts from next year.

Flights between Australia and New Zealand will be the first to receive the new connectivity and will be “progressively available on Tasman, Pacific Island and long haul jet fleets from the end of next year.” The Wi-Fi will be launched on domestic services from 2018.

CEO Christopher Luxon said “Given Air New Zealand operates some of the longest flights in the world, and in oceanic areas where there has historically been poor quality satellite service, we have patiently worked with partners until comfortable that a service which meets the high expectations of our customers is available.”

"Proving flights on a partner company test aircraft have now given us the confidence to introduce what we believe will be the world's most reliable inflight connectivity.”

If you want to book a flight with Air New Zealand, call us on 0203 535 9290 or email us at today.

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