British Airways Releases Details of New First Wing at Heathrow


British Airways has released more details explaining the First Wing opening at Heathrow Terminal 5 at the beginning of April. 

The new facility will make travel for First passengers and Gold Club customers more streamlined. British Airways explained five features of the plan including a bespoke design, exclusive entrance, dedicated security lane, greater privacy and additional space for check-in.

The First Wing check-in area has increased in size by more than 250 per cent. More seating has been added with armchairs and leather banquettes. A high metallic wall keeps the area separate and private while also giving travellers the sense of exclusivity upon entry. Following the new security channel, there are direct routes the carrier’s lounges.   

Yasmin Shahin, brand and design management for BA said, “Everything has been rigorously tested to ensure it’s of the highest quality and to provide BA’s most valued customers with a calm space to pause before continuing their journey.”

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