Hilton Promotes Wellness with Five Feet to Fitness Concept


If using gym equipment in the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room appeals to you, then you’ll love Hilton's latest Five Feet to Fitness guestroom concept.

Unveiled in May, the new room category will let guests use more than eleven different fitness equipment and accessory options in their hotel rooms, allowing exercise enthusiasts, and those who prefer to workout in private to maintain their wellness routines while staying with Hilton.

“A guestroom that combines a sleek and fully integrated fitness experience delivers an impressive new dimension of convenience and personalization–an industry first,” Ryan Crabbe, senior director, global wellness at Hilton.

“Five Feet to Fitness has been thoughtfully engineered to serve as a guest’s personal wellness stage, complete with sports performance materials and best-in-class gym accessories. Guests will quickly realize we have gone much further than simply placing a piece of equipment in a room.”

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