London Stansted Airport Extend Free Wi-Fi Service


London Stansted Airport have extended its complimentary Wi-Fi service as part of its on-going customer service improvement programme. 

Passengers can now enjoy up to four hours of free Wi-Fi in all the main passenger areas including check-in, the departure lounge, arrivals hall and at the gates.

Daniel Gallo, the airport’s security and customer service director, said:

“It’s clear from our customer feedback and our own surveys what really matters to passengers when they are at the airport and which services they value the most, including access to reliable and convenient free Wi-Fi, so it’s vital we are able to respond positively and meet those expectations.

“The extension of the free Wi-Fi service is the latest example of a host of key service enhancements we’ve recently introduced at the airport or have in the pipeline, and another step along our journey to continually improve the overall passenger experience at Stansted.”

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