New research from ABTA – The Travel Association reveals that organising correct entry documents, health and medical issues and terrorism and security threats are the top three concerns for managers when their staff travel on business trips.

There are however some marked differences between managers’ concerns and the actual problems encountered by staff. In particular, 60% expressed concerns over terrorism or security-related issues, but only 6% stated that their staff had actually been affected.

Other potential problems highlighted were harassment or violence against staff (44%); misunderstanding of local culture (37%) and potential disruption to travel arrangements due to geopolitical volatility such as political demonstrations (24%).

In all cases managers admitted that only a small percentage of their staff had actually experienced problems with any of these, with the exception of accessibility of staff with a disability, which was cited by 33% of respondents as a major concern with 11% going on to say their staff had actually been met with issues in this area while on a business trip.

When asked what issues their staff had actually faced on business trips in the last year, the top three highlighted were: natural disasters or severe weather conditions (18%), health or medical issues (15%) and complications around organising correct entry documents (13%).

In contrast over half of managers (51%) stated that none of their staff travelling on business over the last 12 months had encountered any problems at all.

Travel management companies such as Simplexity Travel who are ABTA members have access to ABTA’s expertise and insight on a range of matters, including crises and incidents. ABTA’s operational bulletins also provide timely updates on emerging incidents and events as well as information on changes to requirements, including visas and entry documents.

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