Plaza Premium Group to Launch Two New Lounges at Heathrow


Plaza Premium Group has announced plans to open two new arrivals lounge in Terminal 3 and 4 of London’s Heathrow Airport. 

Scheduled to open in late March, the lounge at Terminal 4 will be able to accommodate 75 people and will feature a lounge and bar area, a multi-function room and 25 luxury shower rooms.

Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, Song Hoi-see said:

“The concept of the Plaza Premium arrivals lounge was driven by a desire to do something for the majority. Having arrivals lounges benefits not only travellers both before and after their flight but also family and friends who are waiting for someone to arrive into the airport.

“Our arrivals lounges are designed to bring convenience, comfort and value to passengers who are looking to combat travel ailments, awaken their senses and revitalise their mind and body after a long flight. Our goal is to make every journey enjoyable not only on departure, but also upon arrival.”

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