Travellers Can Now Check-In for United flights with Amazon Alexa


Customers travelling with United Airlines can now use Amazon’s voice activated digital assistant, Amazon Alexa, to check-in and get flight updates. 

United passengers can also get information from Alexa about on-time status, as well as details about onboard amenities by using the simple command, “Alexa, ask United…”

This is the first US based airline to offer this feature with Amazon Alexa devices.

“Every day we connect nearly 400,000 customers to business meetings, loved ones and new adventures,” commented Praveen Sharma, United’s vice president of digital products and analytics.

“Introducing the new skill to check-in and receive flight information with Alexa is an innovation that gives customers extra time to prep for a business meeting, play with their children or relax as they get ready for their upcoming flight.”

If you want to book a flight with United Airlines, give us a call on 0203 535 9290 or email us at today.

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