Virgin Atlantic Reveals Revamped A330 Upper Class


Virgin Atlantic has unveiled its new A330 Upper Class seating which has been redesigned to mimic the popular B787 aircraft.

The new A330 Upper Class cabin features 31 seats with direct aisle access, new flat-bed seats in the same design as those already installed on the B787, a redesigned bar as well as the latest touch-screen technology. 

The airline announced that it would be refitting all ten of its A330 Upper Class cabins, between now and early 2018.

Mark Anderson, executive VP, customer, said “We’re investing over £300 million to improve our customers’ experience of flying with us including a new website, developing a fully Wi-Fi connected fleet and the refit of our Upper-Class cabins.”

“Over the next year we’re refitting all ten of our A330s to offer a more consistent experience across our fleet.”

If you want to fly with Virgin Atlantic, give us a call on 0203 535 9290 or email us at today.

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