What are FAM Trips and why are they so Important?

A FAM trip (or familiarisation trip) is where travel management companies like ourselves are invited by a supplier to experience a hotel, a destination, an airline or an activity first-hand. The supplier demonstrates what they can offer, so our managers in turn can develop a more complete understanding of their brand and are better able to then discuss it with you the client.

Whilst companies like Simplexity Travel can talk about unique experiences, accommodation and level of service with our partners over the phone, via a website and at trade shows, nothing compares to experiencing these things for ourselves.

FAM trips ensure that any information we have on our partners is accurate and up to date. This enables us to inform our clients about areas such as the quality of the bedrooms, the standard of food, drink and facilities and the level of customer service they would be likely to receive.

These trips also strengthen the relationship between ourselves and our suppliers. This in turn ensures a smooth booking process and means we can negotiate excellent rates for you. 

In short, these opportunities enable us to come back and tell our clients with confidence that they will love something - or they perhaps need to reconsider their options. Each trip Simplexity Travel organises represents a big investment in terms of a clients’ time and money, and we therefore want to make sure we are managing that investment in the best way possible.

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