White Desert Launches Private Jet Service to Antarctica


White Desert, Antarctica's first and only luxury camp, has announced plans to launch an exclusive Private Jet service to the most remote location on earth, Antarctica.  

From November 2017, the one-of-a-kind service will depart from Cape Town, with a maximum of 12 clients in the utmost style and comfort.

According to an Instagram post, guests will fly 4,000km over the incredible icepack of the Southern Ocean. With one of the most iconic mountains on Earth as the backdrop – named Wolfs Fang- clients will land on a new specially prepared blue ice runway.

During the flight, guests will also enjoy a selection of delicacies including sushi and wagyu beef tartare, while cocktails are garnished with thousand-year-old glacial ice from Antarctica.

The experience is also carbon neutral and follows strict environmental guidelines.

If you want to book a trip with White Desert, give us a call on 0203 535 9290 or email us at info@simplexitytravel.com today.

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