Beach Holidays The Simplexity Way

From 5-star beachside hotels on the Copacabana to your own beautiful beach house in an unknown part of the world, the only thing that’s for granted is the beach. Let our Travel Managers work their magic on your beach vacation by chartering a yacht, so you can island hop your way through the Aegean’s best beaches, or help you link up with a cruise ship to explore the white sands of the Caribbean in total luxury. Anything is possible.

We have an intimate knowledge of the world’s premium beach destinations and great relationships with exclusive hospitality operators, to get you everything from your own private beach, to your own private island. Share your beach dreams with us today, and we’ll be sure to make them a reality.

Concierge Services

With Simplexity, you should feel like anything is possible on your beach holiday. Whether you suddenly want to go scuba diving or charter a yacht and set sail for adventure, simply call our Travel Managers on your 24-hour hotline and we will do the rest.  

Local Knowledge

We have the local knowledge to get you off the beaten track and uncover the hidden gems of your beach holiday destination. From authentic local restaurants to hidden coves, a beach holiday with us will be a uniquely bespoke experience to remember.

Destination ideas


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