What do you need to take your team to greatness? Dedication. Hard work. Focused training. And…some reliable transportation. More and more pro sports teams are adding chartered planes to their pre-match routine. This mode of travel is quick, stress-free and more cost-effective than you might think.


At Simplexity, we understand the ins and outs of sport travel. Our expert advisors have over 50 years’ collective experience organising travel specifically for the sport’s sector. We can tackle the logistics of plane charters, airport transfers, hotel bookings, as well as arranging venues for celebration or some much-needed downtime. We’ll make sure dietary requirements are taken care of and can ensure star players are well-looked after (from lucky-numbered rooms to post-match massages). Let us put our mind on travel, so you can keep your mind on the game.


Never even thought about chartering a plane? Here are 5 big reasons to change the way you travel:



1. Enjoy complete flexibility


Unlike commercial airlines, chartered planes are completely at your beck and call. This means that the flight itinerary can be fully tailored to you. Need to fly out at 6am? Want to fly on somewhere else that evening? No problem. What’s more, chartered planes are not restricted to set flight routes or airports. If the small, out-of-the-way airport in rural France is closer to your pitch, then that’s where the chartered plane can take you. Charter planes can land at more than 7000 airports worldwide.



2. Make lost baggage and missed flights a thing of the past


Never experience the frustration of a lost bag again. You can put your luggage straight into the hold yourself, so you know where it is at all times. And as for missed flights? Well, if the plane is flying only for you and your team, you can be assured it will wait! Win, win.



3. Bypass a lot of airport hassle


Sure, your passport will still be checked but you can forget about lengthy security checks and removing shoes and belts. In fact, you can board your plane within minutes of arrival at the airport. Some airports even permit your car to drive right up to your waiting plane.



4. Travel in luxury


Why make do with limited leg room, lurid colourways and uninspiring food when you can have super-reclining chairs, sleek interiors and gourmet cuisine. At Simplexity, we work with some of the finest plane charters in the business, so you can always expect to fly in complete luxury.



5. Catch up on team strategy… in the air


The best thing about a private charter? It’s private! No sports-mad fans pestering your team for autographs. No rival opponents eavesdropping on your game plan. You can talk strategy, relax and get your head in the zone – without interruption.



We are the official travel management partner to Norwich City Football Club. Why not see how we can help your team.


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