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We will get to know the needs of the wider team, then find the perfect travel and accommodation solutions to ensure that everything runs smoothly and glitch free while you are away from home. Our dedicated team of sports travel managers have an enormous amount of experience working across all major competitive sports. We also have clients that are Premier League and Championship football clubs where we absorb every element of the clubs culture and disciplines allowing us to deliver travel arrangements in line with internal procedures.

Feel free to click below to view our case studies highlighting our previous partnership with Norwich City Football Club and our current partnership with Brentford Football Club as their preferred travel supplier.




There are no official statistics that show a true measurable relationship between a positive travel experience and the performance of a team on the pitch. However, through our own experience working with some of the biggest teams in the UK, we can comfortably agree with the players and managers theories that when they have had a seamless and hassle free travel experience to compete away from home they can perform at a higher level of focus and positivity.

It’s difficult enough trying to arrange the travel and accommodation for individual sport professionals, but when you are dealing with a whole squad including locker staff and senior management things get much more intricate and very time consuming. In fact it is this ‘time cost’ which builds up over the course of a season and, in most cases, using Simplexity Travel works out to be a more cost effective solution time after time.

How we can help

Our clients embrace our unique approach to work as an extension of your wider team, understanding your culture, ethical values and working towards the greater success of the athletes and team goals. Your dedicated account manager is part of a sports travel management team that has over 50 years of experience organising and booking travel arrangements uniquely for the sports sector. The sport travel team regularly work with the some of the UK’s largest sporting organisations and clubs; occasionally shaping 2 or 3 complex trips for the same team within a matter of days. The crazy thing is we love doing it.  Remember ‘Simplexity’ means to make the most Complex travel plans Simple. Simple.  

Overseeing the strategic accommodation arrangements are performed by your highly skilled  account manager who has direct relationships with the largest hotel chains where pre-agreed discounted rates are had due to the sheer volumes and buying power we have. Our clients embrace Simplexity Travel as an extension of the team allowing us to research the finer details of your travel arrangements, even down to organising lucky room numbers within a hotel for your star players. We can help organise all dietary requirements for the team whilst they are on the move along with meeting areas for pre and post-game briefs.

Above all you can benefit from Simplexity’s buying power when organising every aspect of your travel. We have in place all the relevant agreements for the charter of air travel and coach travel around the world, or if it is a scheduled flight solution you are looking for we can provide a series of options that allow the travelers to arrive in a timely manner and on budget.  

Security is becoming ever more important and that’s why Simplexity are able to provide all levels of additional security for VIP travellers and also precious luggage. Above all, we work with our travel partners to provide discreet travel aimed at avoiding busy crowds and assisting teams get from A to B as comfortably and as efficiently as possible. 

Cost effective and value

It goes without saying that every sports club has a varied levels of spend on travel and accommodation. One thing that can spiral out of control and unmeasured by many sports teams is the cost of time to organise away games or off site meetings. Our commitment is to make your life easier and more importantly drive down travel costs as much as possible. Our management fees are some of the most competitive in the industry but on top of this offer levels of additional value which is unheard of with most travel management companies. Feel free to get in contact so we can discuss these crucial elements in more detail.

What makes us different

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

From chartering private jets to making the most of your company’s air miles, our executive travel managers will handle every facet of your business’ travel needs.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

With access to the extensive global networks that can assure you cost-efficient travel anywhere on the planet, we have the commercial knowledge to help you succeed.

Security and trust

Security and trust

We use the latest technology to simplify complex logistical operations and provide a highly secure service, we also offer a range of convenient secure payment methods.


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