An upgrade to business class can really change the tone of your journey. It can remove the unwanted anxiety that can occasionally creep aboard, ensuring you’re in a refreshed frame of mind when you land.


Our London Corporate Travel Managers know the importance of stress-free travel. That is why we want to share the best first class airlines to fly with – so you can have the most relaxing trip possible.



Singapore Airlines


First in our list is Singapore Airlines. With the title of ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline Seats 2014′ awarded to the company by the World Airline Awards safely under the belts, it’s safe to say they’re one of the best providers in the world.


The airline offers various business class options including New Business Class. This service is only available on their Boeing 777-300ER, but is astounding in terms of both attentiveness and quality. The aesthetically pleasing modern seats were designed alongside James Park Associates, and as well as boasting a comfortable, sleek design, they also fold down into beds meaning you can get a great night’s sleep or enjoy a nap.


Singapore Airlines really have kept their business users wants and desires in mind. They offer a three course meal that is served with Givenchy cutlery to really give their service that luxurious edge.


Each passenger is also provided with an 18 inch HD television and noise cancelling earphones. Current films and TV shows are available, and the whole system is touch screen for ease of use.


Through a multitude of warming, vanilla tones and modern amenities, Singapore Airlines business class is one of the leaders in the industry and will undoubtedly ensure you an enjoyable, stress-free flight.



British Airways


Also high up the list is British Airways Business Class, also known as Club World. Much like the service offered by Singapore Airlines, British Airways are host to a montage of modern, luxury seats that fold down into beds, and even provide memory foam headrests and quilted blankets for extra comfort.


Alongside amplifying comfort, British Airways also supply inbuilt charging ports to ensure that you have a private space to do any work you need to. One of our favourite flourishes is the complimentary luxury skincare essentials by Elemis


The company also offer three course meals and provide various healthy options so that every culinary taste is catered to. Each seat in business class has a complimentary 10.3 inch television, as well as noise cancelling headphones.





Emirate airlines are a company that truly understand the meaning of luxury. Their business class service will leave no room for stress, nestling you amongst gorgeous decor and useful amenities to ensure you have an excellent flight.


Much like other airlines, Emirates boast inbuilt charging ports so that you can complete any work you need to whether on laptop, tablet or phone. However, the company goes one step further than its competitors and offers every single seat their very own complimentary mini bar.


On board Emirates’ business class you will also find a world-class dining experience on offer, with their tantalising dishes served on Royal Doulton bone china plates alongside Robert Welch cutlery.


Emirates also cater for the restless flyer. If you don’t want to stay in your seat the entire time, there is a relaxing Lounge space on offer. A wealth of canapes are available along with cocktails and other various drinks constructed by a skilled on-board bartender.


Some of the Emirate flights also offer on-board showers, so you can be sure you’re revelling in the world of first-rate business class services if you chose to fly with this company.



Qatar Airways


A contender for Best Business Class in The World 2014, Qatar Airways know how to offer a stellar business class service. With a conscious focus on developing a spacious, tasteful environment, Qatar Airways are one of the top contenders in the business class travel arena.


The airline have even gone as far to help their passengers adjust to new time zones by installing adaptable LED lighting, as well providing five star cuisine to ensure your appetite is fully sated. There is also the option to fold down your seat into a bed so you can get some precious sleep on board too.


Qatar Airways also offer inflight air mobile services and promise complete privacy, meaning you can work uninterrupted. Their B787 plane even has on-board Wi-Fi so you can gain access to your work emails – even at 40,000 feet.


Qatar also take their entertainment one step further and offer a multi-screen interface for each passenger, meaning you can play games and watch movies and TV shows simultaneously.


With designer amenities from Ferragamo Attimo and comforting blankets and pillows, you can be sure Qatar Airways will cater above and beyond what you have come to expect during business-class air travel.



Cathay Pacific


Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific are also key players in the business travel sector. The airline specialises in providing interchangeable privacy levels, meaning you can be open or alone depending on your mood. Cathay Pacific offer an excellent business class service on their Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A330-A300s that can be adjusted to suit any taste.


A small toggle is available on every seat, allowing for an ultimate customisation of comfort, and the airline also provides a spacious flatbed over 2 metres long.


Cathay Pacific also provide a cabinet for each seat so there is ample storage. Each seat has its own 15.4 inch touch screen television with a wealth of entertainment in various languages available. There’s also the opportunity to attach your own iPod so you can customise your entertainment experience to suit whatever you fancy on board.


This airline know that every passenger is different, and so tailor their airline to suit exactly what you want from your business class experience, no matter what that may be.



Virgin Atlantic


The Virgin Atlantic Business Class, also known as the Upper Class, promises to spoil you rotten on their website.


The Upper Class experience boasts a seat that folds into one of the longest beds available in the sector, and the flight also provides a live news feed and charging points to ensure you’re kept up to date with what’s going on down below.


Each seat has a 10.4 inch screen with a huge source of endless entertainment, meaning there’s something suited to every traveller’s taste. There’s even an on-board bar available so you can network with other business-class travellers whilst you’re in the air.


Virgin Atlantic provide meals that are made with the aim to assist your body with the time changes you may experience during your journey, and provide gourmet meals for every passenger. Each seat is an aisle and window seat simultaneously, meaning you have ease of access to get in and out of your seat whenever you like without disturbing others, or having others disturb you.


Alongside their original upper class, the company are now offering a New Upper Class. Virgin have taken 4 years to gather intel on what makes the perfect business-class experience and New Upper Class is the result of their research.


The beds now have even more padding and provide extra comfort, and their new seat designs even remove the need to put your chair upright upon landing. The new bar is no longer attached to the cabin and now has its own separate space, and all of the television screens are now armed with touch-screen handsets.



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