Whether you are on the lookout for business travel to Thailand, the most perfect paradise beach or thrills and adventure, there is one special factor that makes this country such a rewarding destination: in the face of the pressures of significant Western influence, Thailand has managed to retain its precious, distinctive identity. It makes any visit here an exciting and exotic experience, warmed by the friendliness of the Thai people and the year-round temperate climate.

From idyllic, unspoilt beaches with turquoise seas and pure, white sands to bustling cities blessed with frenetic, colourful markets and a vibrant nightlife, it is easy to see why Thailand has become a must-visit destination.

The country’s turbulent history has left the beautiful countryside scattered with ruins, forgotten temples and deserted cities. They make exploration richly rewarding, along with the many tribal cultures to experience in the mountainous north.

The size and geographical diversity of the country enables Thailand to offer activities as varied as snorkelling, diving, trekking, mountain biking, supreme shopping, nightclubbing, cooking classes and much more besides.

Few visitors to Thailand can ever resist returning.


Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and one of the highest average temperatures of any city in the world, only ever fluctuating a few degrees from 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit).

High humidity levels are also experienced throughout the year.

The heat turns up a notch between March and May and monsoon season kicks in from June to October. In September and October much of the country suffers from flooding, particularly in the north, north eastern and central regions.

The relatively cool season, most favoured by visitors, runs from November to February.


Thai is the official language, although English can be expected to be widely used in tourist areas.

Passport Visa

Foreigners entering Thailand by any means under the Tourist Visa Exemption category are required at the port of entry to have proof of onward travel (confirmed air, train, bus or boat tickets) to leave Thailand within 30 days of the arrival date (otherwise a tourist visa must be obtained). Your passport must be valid for at least six months and you must have sufficient funds to cover the length of your stay. Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


The political situation can be volatile and uncertain. There have been major political demonstrations in Bangkok and outbreaks of violence.

There is a threat to westerners from global terrorism throughout South East Asia.

The usual precautions against petty crime should be observed.

The security situation in the southern provinces near the Malaysian border is unstable and travel to Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla is to be avoided.

The monsoon season in September and October (November to March on Koh Samui) brings about flooding in the north, north-eastern and central regions, causing mudslides and flash floods.

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