It is universally recognised that there are few places on Earth less spoilt or more magical than the Caribbean.

Located just off the southeast tip of the Gulf of Mexico and the North America mainland, and east of Central America and north of South America, the Caribbean is a huge and beautiful region that simply needs to be experienced to be believed.

Only 2% of the Caribbean islands are inhabited, which makes the whole area encompassed by its warm seas a profoundly peaceful and relaxing place to visit. Fantastic areas of natural beauty – white-sand beaches, tropical forests and exotic uplands – are to be found on every island, while the local people who make their homes in these paradisiacal settings are truly the heart and soul of the region, friendly, passionate and young of spirit.

This is reflected in the wonderful cuisine of the Caribbean, which combines a diverse array of African, Spanish, Chinese and East Indian influences. Spices, peppers and different types of herbs are heavily used to season fresh and natural ingredients, with seafood fresh off the fishing boat high among the delicacies on any menu, all bursting with flavour.

It would be impossible to try to evaluate every Caribbean island here in a short summary –  there are far too many, each with its own history and culture, its own unique beauty and appeal.

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