Fashion Essentials 2016: Preparing for the Cold


As we get closer to winter, packing your suitcase for your next conference, meeting, or other business engagement abroad becomes a matter of working out what to include to be seasonally appropriate while maintaining business professionalism.

Here are some of our suggestions so you’ll be able to brave the world’s winter in style – wherever you’re heading.


For Men

  1. Don’t forget your thermals

It’s not that proverbial toothbrush you need to remember in winter: thermals are much more essential. Choose light thermal vests for a light coloured shirt and dark for a dark one. And make sure, if you are not wearing a tie, your vest is not visible around your neck.

Buy yours from Icebreaker.

  1. Take a suit made from wool

For a short business trip one suit should do the trick – but make it a warm one made from wool. If your trousers are likely to wrinkle allow yourself a second pair.

The colour of your suit will be your base colour – make sure everything else coordinates with it.

Alexander McQueen combines warmth with a certain cool elegance in his polka dot woollen suits. They are confident but not brash, and the satin-lined virgin wool jacket is tailored in Italy to offer a slim but forgiving fit.

  1. Play it safe with a white shirt

You will need a couple of shirts at least – white is a safe choice and can be ‘dressed up’ for evenings with a pair of cufflinks.

Make sure you take shirts made from wrinkle-free fabric. They not only look crisp from the case they are also warmer as they are made from synthetic materials.

  1. Add colour with ties

Three ties will help you ring the changes for different meetings and events.

Some of the best ties in the UK are sold at Drake’s. We recommend you buy yours there.

  1. Wrap it all up with a scarf, gloves and coat

Quality winter scarves keep you warm whilst helping you look cool and sophisticated. Contrast your scarf with your coat and opt for a classic black pair of gloves.

For a fantastic collection of designer scarves, we’d recommend Ssense.


For Women

  1. Start with the suit

Once you have selected your suit you can add three or four other shirts that match but add visual variety.

By using just one base colour as your springboard you avoid packing those “just in case” clothes that never come out of your case.

Harvey Nichols offers a brilliant range of designer suits for ladies.

  1. Layer for warmth

Packing layers to wear gives you the flexibility to adapt to indoor and outdoor temperatures. If you’re not warm enough in your shirt and jacket, simply add a cardigan, made from wool or cashmere, over your shirt.

  1. Winter elegance essentials:

For the latest styles – just in from the catwalk – take a look at the sumptuously soft choice of classic cashmere cardigans from Harvey Nichols.

Don’t forget those ‘hidden’ layers either: get some high quality thermal underwear to retain your body’s heat or pack silk underwear, which is surprisingly good at conserving heat too.

  1. Appropriate footwear

If it is going to be snowy and icy where you are headed, flats may well become your best friend. Double check for grip! Wool socks will also keep those toes toasty.

  1. Accentuate with accessories

Add a strong splash of personality with a strongly coloured scarf and gloves. It’s a great networking trick to wear something bright and memorable!

Cornelia James manages to perfectly combine style and comfort with her range of luxury gloves and scarves.

  1. Winter coats that mean business

You’ll only want to pack one coat, so try and select one that can carry you through day-to-night.


Seasonal corporate travel is something that Simplexity’s Travel Managers really excel at. If you need your travel arranging for your next business trip abroad, speak with a member of our team and we will arrange it.

All you need to do is remember to pack for the weather.

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