Once you have been beach fishing on Australia’s Ninety Mile Coast or Italy’s Lake Como, relaxing on the beach without your rods will forever feel like something is missing. It is as if you are staring at a TV that is turned off, or reading a book without any words.

So for all the fishing enthusiasts, our Travel Managers have planned three perfect fishing holidays. Every detail is planned – all you have to do is get in touch.


Scottish Salmon Fishing

Scotland, more than anywhere else, is known as the best place to spend a spring day angling for the king of fish: the salmon.


The main salmon runs in Scotland start in early spring going through until autumn, but each river has its own peak times and conditions. Locals know their own rivers best, but this knowledge is highly prized in the secretive, competitive world of salmon fishing.


Consequently, a spot of research is the best way to ensure your salmon fishing goes as swimmingly as it’s supposed to. Luckily, Simplexity’s Travel Managers have done all the reel work: so all you have to do is cast the lines.


The Brora River flows down from the highlands, into Loch Brora, and out to the North Sea by Brora village in Sutherland. The lower river will suit looking for an intimate relationship with the environment and those skilled at reading the waters to find the best place to cast. The loch also offers fine fishing.


We recommend staying at the Royal Marine Hotel, known locally for its warm highland welcome and good restaurant. It lies just above the beach and offers stunning views of the rolling North Sea waves from the rooms. It is also next to the Brora Golf Club links if you fancy a quick 18 in between trips inland.


One last tip – set up after rain for the best chances of success. It is the rain that swells the channels, permitting the salmon in from the sea.


Big Game on Madeira

Madeira is a host of islands off the north eastern coast of Africa. Owned by Portugal, despite being remote from the mainland, these islands are happy, wealthy and overwhelmingly beautiful.

The fish caught on expeditions from Madeira include big eye and bluefin tuna, wahoo and – most excitingly – marlin, which can weigh up to 1800 pounds (818kg).

To stand a chance of catching one of these giant, powerful game-fish, book into the 5-Star Quintinha São João Hotel. A 20 minute walk from the centre of Madeira’s biggest town, Funchal, Quintinha São João Hotel can offer either island seclusion or small-town charm between fishing trips.

Travel Manager Mark Smith can charter your boat and even find a local expert to pilot you towards the best waters to find the big fish you seek. The oceanic waters around Madeira quickly grow deep, meaning within 30 minutes’ sail, you will be in a prime spot for a big haul.


Huge Tuna in Mexico

Tuna appears often in Mexican cuisine, but someone has to catch it first. Luckily, tuna is in rich supply in the equatorial waters around Mexico.

One of the best places to find record breaking Tuna in Mexico is on the east coast. Puerto Vallarta sits on Bahia de Banderas, a large Pacific bay. Crucially, this is near the opening of the Gulf of California – a stretch of water famous for big fish.

It was in these waters that the record yellowfin tuna was reeled in at 445 pounds. Unlike other fighting fish, tuna plunge to the depths when hooked, resulting in some epics battles in out in the deep Pacific waters off the Mexican coast. Tuna are voracious devourers of other fish and, often, the best way to catch a big tuna is to use live tuna as bait.

Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic city to enjoy on shore-days. From the elite luxury of Hotel Mousai, Travel Manager Mark Smith will arrange your own chartered fishing boat with skipper and local expert.

The playful, colourful rooms complement the warm Mexican sun perfectly, and the beach-side location means you can always have one eye on the waves. Meanwhile, the city centre is famous for its historic cobbled streets and beautiful Mexican architecture, as well as its vibrant nightlife and fantastic food.

If these trips sound like your kettle of fish, contact one of our London Travel Managers today on 0203 535 9290, or email info@simplexitytravel.com.