Etihad Airways to Deploy B787 on Amsterdam and Madrid Routes


Etihad has announced plans to deploy its B787-9 aircraft on routes to Amsterdam and Madrid later this year.

The 299-seat Dreamliner will be added to flights to Amsterdam from 1 September, and to Madrid, from 1 October. The Amsterdam route will have a taste of the 787 between 2 and 30 June to help meet demand during the early summer peak period.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, said: “With two of Etihad Airways’ most popular European destinations joining our 787 network later this year, we are giving more guests the opportunity to fly on our next-generation aircraft.

“Flights to and from Amsterdam and Madrid cater to business and leisure travellers, and with growing demand, there was a strong case to introduce bigger aircraft to these destinations. The 787 is fast becoming our flagship long-haul aircraft and as more are delivered, we will continue to look at upgrading existing routes with these excellent planes.

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