For the second year in a row, New York has topped the list in an annual ranking of the world’s most expensive cities for business travel. According to data compiled by management consultants ECA International, the estimated daily rate for business travellers is an eye-watering £618.

According to ECA’s calculations, the city takes the top spot thanks in a large part due to its accommodation rates, although consistently high prices for transport and at many restaurants also contribute.


Swiss cities Geneva (£553) and Zurich (£511) claimed second and third places,


while Washington DC (£481) climbed to fourth place. Other US cities which joined them in the top ten were San Francisco (£448)and Los Angeles (£446), which came in at seventh and ninth respectively.

Los Angeles:

Paris was fifth (£477), with Basel eighth (£447). Bern (£444) meanwhile shared tenth place with London.


Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list was the Icelandic capital Reykjavík (£476) which recorded a jump of £40 in just one year to take sixth place in the list.


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