For the last few weeks Simplexity Travel has been busy participating in the ‘Helping Get You Home’ scheme, a repatriation service for stranded holidaymakers. The team has worked around the clock, not only helping with practical arrangements but providing emotional support too.

However, this workload has not stopped two of its staff members joining people from all over the travel industry who have pledged to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Martin Frederick, Simplexity Travel’s Events & Hospitality Manager and Corporate Travel Manager Rob Davis have both signed up to the NHS Volunteer Responders scheme. Covering their local areas of Islington and Milton Keynes respectively, they will be delivering food and medication; driving patients to appointments or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

Says Mark Smith, “This is a time when compassion needs to be factored into everything we do. As a company we have spent our time rescuing those stranded or helping with re-bookings. Volunteering to help our beleaguered NHS is a natural extension of this and I am very proud that members of our team have stepped up to play their part.”

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