17 December 2018. Simplexity Travel Management has joined other sectors of the

travel industry in condemning an alarmist article which appeared in yesterday’s

Sunday Times about a ‘government leak’ that holidaymakers will be advised not to

book travel after March next year.


The Government has confirmed that this is categorically untrue, whilst ABTA has

been similarly refuting the story and confirming that even in the event of a no-deal

scenario, flights will operate as normal between the UK and EU and travellers will

not need a visa.


Mark Smith, Simplexity Travel’s Head of Business Development, commented, “I was

extremely disappointed that a publication as reputable as the Sunday Times should

print what is at best scaremongering and at worst a tissue of lies. In these heighted

times, press coverage such as this can have a huge impact on consumer

confidence. Even before this ABTA was providing holidaymakers and travellers with

advice about Brexit and travel, and I am delighted the organisation will now be

doubling its efforts to ensure the public has the correct facts with its 2019 Travel

with Confidence national advertising campaign that starts on 25 December 2018.

“In the interim I would suggest that anyone who wants to separate fact from fiction

should take a look at abta.com/brexit.”


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